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The Ultimate Course on Making Beautiful
No-Sew Tutus in 15 Styles

Secrets To Tutu Making Success is the
Fastest, Easiest, Most Comprehensive
No-Sew Tutu Making course anywhere!

It takes a complicated art and makes it so simple with my special techniques I've discovered to create pretty, fluffy, and full tutus without using a sewing machine, ever!

Secrets To Tutu Making Success is the only course I know of that breaks it down into simple, easy to learn steps for FIFTEEN types of beautiful and popular tutu styles (the MOST I've EVER seen in one course!)

Meet Your Tutu Making Instructor, Jenni!

When I discovered how adorable tutus were I wanted to start making my own. However, the first thing I discovered was exactly how Hard it is to Find Good Instructions on Tutu Making without using a Sewing Machine.

After a lot of frustration, hours of self-help, and weeks of practice, I managed to discover the art of Making Tutus and soon dozens of moms and girls began to beg me for my tutus!

Pretty soon I was teaching them to make tutus too and before I knew it I had a large number of people interested in tutus! Now I'm known as "Miss Tutu"

Read What Others Are Saying...

"This course is excellent. It teaches you every single easy step. I was making tutu's the same day I watched the course. They are alot easier to make than I ever imagined." - Annette

Beautiful Tutus Made EASY & Fun with Step-By-Step Instructions
The Best Instructions for Beautiful Tutus. Guaranteed.

People LOVE the tutus! You made it so easy to understand and it's been so much fun making tutus for little girls who dream of being a ballerina. (and I know from personal experience that dreams DO come true:) The photo is one of my most popular tutus, the Island Princess. Isn't she cute?
- Testimonial and photo by Taylor D.

"I have purchased tons of bow and and tutu making instruction both ebook and dvd..BUT BY FAR THE BEST AND EASIEST TO READ..UNDERSTAND AND LEARN" - DJ M.

"Although I have been making tutus for my two daughters for the last year or so I still had plenty of questions. I ordered your course and the results I got are short of perfection! I am proud to have my little girls (as well as all of their friends) wear my tutus along with my hand-painted fairy wings."
- Testimonial and tutu by Suzanne P.

"Hi! I have only started and haven't even received the full video in the mail yet but I am already impressed! I made one tutu for my 6 month old and am working on another one right now for a little 2 year old. Your instructions in the online video were so simple to follow and I am very much enjoying making tutus! I even made one of the tule clips from the "Extras" video to match the current tutu I am making! (And I have NO sewing experience or talent either haha) I have 3 daughters and lots of other little girls in my life who will be receiving cute little tutus for upcoming birthdays,etc!" - Ashley S.

"I already knew how to make tutus. I needed new ideas and bought your tutu instructions. I love making the empire waist tutus for my own little princess. My business is booming with this new addition. Here are some photos of my little princess, age 3, modeling my first attempt at an empire waist tutu, a tutu dress I made and my first attempt at a 3 layer tutu, all using your easy to follow instructions. Thank you so much!"
- Testimonial and tutu by Kaysie M.

"I have one daugther who loves to wear tutu but since getting your program and learning how to much them i've had ton of request from family and friends!! These are two i've just done this week for babyshower gifts."
- Tesimonial and photo by Amy H.

"The DVD is easy to follow with great tutorial's. I highly recommend buying the dvd. I have made many tutu's with this DVD,that has made every Mom and little girl very happy."
- Testimonial and photo by Betty C.

The Easiest, Fastest, And Least Expensive Way to Make
Perfect No-Sew Tutus

Tutus by Lyndsee D.

Tutu by Angela W.

Here are the 15 Styles you'll learn how to make...

     Basic No-Sew Tutu

     Reversible Tutu

     2 Different Lengths Tutu

     Extra Thick and Fluffy Tutu

     Ribbon Waist Tutu

     Empire Waist Tutu Dress

     Triple Layer Tutu

     Halter Dress Tutu

     Tutu with Ribbon Strands

     Petti Tutu

     Tutu Onesie

     Tutu Overalls

     Jean Tutu

     Ribbon Tutu Skirt

Here's what you'll get with Secrets To Tutu
Making Success DVD Course:

2 Hours of DVD Instructions: You'll get a high quality DVD mailed to you via USPS. 2 hours of step-by-step tutu making instructions from your view point at a pace you can follow and learn!

MANUAL: You'll also receive a downloadable manual (emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase) full of tips and techniques, costume ideas, photos, tutu sizing suggestions and all the supplies described.

BONUSES: Plus, you'll be getting internet access (emailed to you with manual) to BONUS tutorials for Fun and EASY Tutu Accessories: 3 hair bows, 2 fairy wands, and 1 tutu headband. PLUS how to embellish your tutus to look professional and beautiful.

The MOST Complete Tutu DVD Instructions

AND the ONLY One With Detailed Video Instructions so you can watch me make 15 different style tutus in your own home!!

The best part? No sewing machine required!

Tutu by Kaysie M.

When I say it's a COMPLETE tutorial, I mean it! Check this out...

You'll FINALLY get answers to questions like these and MANY more:

bullet How do I make professional looking tutus like I've seen for sale up to $100 in boutiques?
bullet What's the easiest way to know how much tulle to purchase?
bullet Where can I get inexpensive supplies?
bullet How do I attach a tutu to a onesie, tshirt or even jeans?
bullet What's the best material to use for a waistband that will not roll up?
bullet How do I take care of my tutu so it will last for a long time?
bullet What sizes and lengths of tulle do I need for my tutus?
bullet How can I make trendy jean tutus without using a sewing machine?
bullet Is there any way to make a truly no-sew tutu where I don't even need to hand stitch? (Yes! And I'll show you how!)
bullet How can I turn my tutus into costume ideas for dress-up parties and Halloween?

Tutu by Trudy M.

Tutu by Charlotte S.

You'll get TONS of Special Instructions to make it easy to create perfect and EASY Tutus every time:

bullet ALL my special tips and secrets - I've left nothing out so you can save the most MONEY and TIME with your new Tutu Making Hobby
bullet How to create professional tutus you can sell for a high mark-up!
bullet Supplies You Need and where to get them
bullet The best places to purchase tulle - (links to online discount suppliers)
bullet Learn to make tutus for any girls from infants to adults!
bullet How to measure a tutu (width and length) for a perfect fit
bullet My simple math equation to determine how much tulle is needed per tutu
bullet The easiest way to cut your tulle perfectly and quickly
bullet My special tips to avoid common mistakes and make your tutus PERFECT every time
bullet Choosing the best waistband material (and the ones you should really avoid)
bullet Multiple knotting techniques for your tutus
bullet How To Use Ribbon on Your Waistband (three ways!)
bullet Dozens of Ideas to Turn Your Tutu Into a Gorgeous Costume
bullet Dozens ways of beautiful ways to add fun embellishments the professional way.
bullet How to make a multi colored tutu, multi layered tutu, and more. You'll learn MORE ideas than ANY other tutu course.
bullet Simple and easy ways to care for your tutu so it lasts for years!

WOW! That's MORE than you'll find in most guides
to hair bow making, but believe it or not that's just
the beginning of what you'll discover
in "Secrets To
Tutu Making Success"!

PLUS 4 Cool Bonuses

Bonus #1: Tutu Accessories Online Video Tutorials

Create beautiful accessories for
your tutus:

Hair Bows
Hair Streamers
Fairy Wands

PLUS: How to Embellish your Tutus
with Professional Ideas
Bonus #2: "Secrets to Glass Block Decorating Success"

In this Ebook you'll learn all the tips and
secrets to making gorgeous Glass Block Lights for any holiday or occasion. Perfect for making cute night lights or wedding table decorations. Especially popular as
Christmas gifts!
Bonus #3: "Homemade Spa Creations"

Make Homemade Lip Balms,
Facials, Bath Salts!

You'll love all the wonderfully scented
recipes you'll learn how to create in
just a few minutes with all the fantastic
homemade recipes I've found for you
to enjoy.

And your children will love creating
fun bath and body recipes along with
Bonus #4: "660 Holiday Recipes"

Perfect recipes for any holiday,
special dinner, weeknight meal, or potluck!

You'll discover fancy drinks, appetizers,
side dishes, main courses, and yummy desserts! Easy to make dishes that will WOW your guests.

Remember, you get the FULL course plus these 4 Fun

100% Money Back Guarantee Official PayPal Seal

Here's a couple more RAVING fans
(I have THOUSANDS!)...

"The DVD is easy to follow with great tutorial's. I highly recommend buying the dvd. I have made many tutu's with this DVD,that has made every Mom and little girl very happy."
- Betty C.
"Thank you so much for the instructional dvd, it was so easy to follow the directions.
I loved it." - Charlotte S.
"I am a stay at home mom of 2 girls and 1 boy. I make the tutu's for fun an help pass the time and take them to my local consignment shop I have made a some extra money and at the same time I'm having fun!" -Angela W.
"Your video was so well made and easy to follow. I was able to make my tutu while watching tv in one night! And everyone just loves how it turned out. I have even gotten compliments on how much nice it looks than store bought ones." - Kelly H.
"I searched all over the internet on how to make tutus w/o sewing & I found that this DVD was awesome! I made a tutu for my friends daughter, a few for my daughter & i've even sold a couple. this DVD is amazing, easy to follow, & a great price. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful tool!" - Samantha S.

100% Money Back Guarantee Official PayPal Seal

ps - I know you will LOVE this course just like the thousands of other happy tutu makers have enjoyed. However, if for any reason you don't totally love it, you can return the course, no questions asked
within 60 days of purchase.

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