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My name is Taylor D. As a ballet dancer myself (no children yet:), I was so happy with the tutu course from Miss Tutu. You gave me the basic information to go out and make my own creations. People LOVE the tutus! You made it so easy to understand and it's been so much fun making tutus for little girls who dream of being a ballerina. (and I know from personal experience that dreams DO come true:) The photo is one of my most popular tutus, the Island Princess. Isn't she cute? It's embellished with orchids, pink ribbon and crystals. I consider it a privilege to be a part of so many 1st birthday celebrations. Thanks for everything!

I bought the tutorial when I was pregnant with my daughter.. I wanted to be able to make my own creations instead of buying them. I tried each of the tutus in the course and the ones in the picture became a hit. I sold bows and art work at local trade shows and my tutus became such a hit that I started selling them online and at every show I do now. Everyone loves the variety and I owe it to this course!!

Lyndsee D.

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Although I have been making tutus for my two daughters for the last year or so I still had plenty of questions. I ordered your course and the results I got are short of perfection! I am proud to have my little girls (as well as all of their friends) wear my tutus along with my hand-painted fairy wings. We attended a fairy festival that is held annual here in Southern California and I was approached by so many

people asking where I purchased my tutus and wings. I took great pride in saying that I made them myself. When one lady asked if she could purchase one from me I was SHOCKED! Hmmmmm ... I think I see a business opportunity flitting around ...

Thank you for your course and for making two little girls (three if I count myself!) very happy! :)

Best wishes and enjoy the picture!

My name is Reagan W., I am 29 years old, I have 1 daughter that's 6 years old, I have 6 nieces and 1 great niece. I have just recently started my business called "Alter Ego Fabrications" and have slowly been trying to get my name out there. I have made some tutus for friends and family, but I believe that is the best way to get referrals! I know that a small business is nothing without a strong reputation! The attached picture is of my daughter wearing a "Snow White" inspired halter tutu dress. I made 2 for 2 sisters princess themed party last June. They were the first tutus I had ever made before. I really liked how they turned out, they were the hit of the party!

Thank you for your time and consideration! :)

Reagan R.

I already knew how to make tutus. I needed new ideas and bought your tutu instructions. I love making the empire waist tutus for my own little princess. My business is booming with this new addition. Here are some photos of my little princess, age 3, modeling my first attempt at an empire waist tutu, a tutu dress I made and my first attempt at a 3 layer tutu, all using your easy to follow instructions. Thank you so much!

Sincerely, Kaysie M.

Here's my two year old grand-daughter (Grace, my only grand-daughter, I have two grandsons) wearing her first ever tutu. I will be making many more for her.

She loves it. Thank you so much for the instructional dvd, it was so easy to follow the directions. I loved it.

Charlotte S.

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I have one daughter who is 2 years old & she just adores tutus! I've made a few tutus & thought I'd share a pics. I searched all over the internet on how to make tutus w/o sewing & I found that this DVD was awesome! I made a tutu for my friends daughter, a few for my daughter & i've even sold a couple. this DVD is amazing, easy to follow, & a great price. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful tool! i've attached a photo of my daughter Laela in the newest St. Patty's day tutu :) hope you enjoy.

I have two step daughters and two sons, however the boys arent to interested in the tutu's. I made this tutu when University of Oregon was in the national bowl and thats when I decided to sell my tutu's.
From the tutu's I have also made some interesting hair pieces that seem to be quit popular at the girl's school!
Its also a great stress reliever for me as well!

Becky C.

Hi I have made quite a few tutus and really enjoy the different creations that I am able to come up with. I am a stay at home mom of 2 girls and 1 boy. I make the tutu's for fun an help pass the time and take them to my local consignment shop I have made a some extra money and at the same time I'm having fun! I will attach a photo a friends daughter wearing one of them along with a couple of others.

Angela W.

It is my first attempt at making a tutu. My dog Bailey has to be by me all the time. She was snoring and I couldn't resist taking this picture to send to my sons.

Karen P.

My name is Amy H. I have one daugther who loves to wear tutu but since getting your program and learning how to much them i've had ton of request from family and friends!! These are two i've just done this week for babyshower gifts.

Tutu's I made for my niece's Sarah and Saige. The blue Tutu is my version of Cinderella for my niece Daisy. I love the DVD on making the tutu's.

The DVD is easy to follow with great tutorial's. I highly recommend buying the dvd. I have made many tutu's with this DVD,that has made every Mom and little girl very happy.

Betty C.

Hi,,,My name is Kim T.

Attached is a pix of the tutu I made with my granddaughter......My grand daughter is autistic and I was trying to think of a project that we could do together...Then I came across your tutu video......She loves butterflies and fairies.....Her favorite color is green......I did all the prep work and went over to her house...She had the waist band on

and I just started putting on the tulle.....She would go and look in the mirror about every 5 pieces of tulle that I put on....When we were finished she said she was a princess....The next day she got all dress up ..put her tutu and and told her mom she was ready to go to the grocery store...It truly did make her feel special....and it was a very special project for me and her.....P.S.,,I had to make a matching one for one of her Hello Kitty stuffed animals......

Thank You..
Kim T.

Hi! I have only started and haven't even received the full video in the mail yet but I am already impressed! I made one tutu for my 6 month old and am working on another one right now for a little 2 year old. Your instructions in the online video were so simple to follow and I am very much enjoying making tutus! I even made one of the tule clips from the "Extras" video to match the current tutu I am making! (And I have NO sewing experience or talent either haha) I have 3 daughters

and lots of other little girls in my life who will be receiving cute little tutus for upcoming birthdays,etc!

My name is Ashley S. and I have 3 daughters.
Here is a picture of my daughter wearing my very first tutu I made using your online instructional video!

just wanted to say thank you for all ur help... here is my final work of the tinkerbell tutu and candy bag I made

Robyn G.

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